About Us


It is impossible to summarize in a few words the spirit of this nation which is essentially a mixture from many roots, backgrounds and cultures. Colors, beliefs, tastes, art, originality and a very special way of being… Such elements have a lot more to offer than you think.


Plume was raised in order to translate this Brazilian spirit through its products: they are not just jewelry. They are remarkable for their inspiration, giving more beautifulness into your lifestyle.


The Brazilian woman’s essence


The genuine and notable women’s femininity from every Brazilian corner is our source of inspiration, which makes really comprehensible for those whom are searching for originality.

Plume represents their unique beauty, with an exotic touch that enchants the world. Above all that, we represent their attitude, power and soul. It is quite true that we call the attention for this reason and our mission is to share this magic worldwide.


Let’s celebrate art!

“ Through Plume we pay homage to this country and its contemporary exotic beauty full of colors, power and grace. The real Brazilian’s treasure: femininity and nature. Our country inspires us and we will share our roots want to the four corners of the world.